We provide a platform for social to change the fate for the community, what is Social Enterprise meaning? It is “Commercial + Public Welfare” model to operate, self-sufficiency, without 3rd party funds support, to solve social problems, to achieve social purposes.

Traditional Commercial will maximize profit for personal purpose. Social Enterprise will do so, but in major for the purpose of public welfare, to contribute for the community who need help, poor, weak elderly and children. Biggest difference with NGO or non-profit institutions, which rely on governments, foundations and the general public to raise funds as financial support.

Our company is operates as Network Marketing, we hope that can spread our philosophy “Respect & Love” through education to the social. The meaning is when we encounter any problems, resolve it objectively circumstances. Human nature is the simplest, just back to basics (Fair, justice, honesty, courage, humility, love, diligence), we can step forward for improvement.